Keep Your Dirt!
Muddy water leaving your construction site is a red flag that is sure to get the attention of inspectors. Avoid work delays and fines. Keep your dirt on-site by implementing effective best management practices (BMPs).
  • Install erosion and sediment controls properly at the beginning of construction
  • Clear the smallest area possible in which to complete your work and keep as much of the existing vegetation as possible
  • Stabilize disturbed soil areas immediately after final grading
  • Divert storm water away from your disturbed areas
  • Slow down storm water runoff before it leaves your site
  • Install gravel entrance to minimize tracking of dirt onto roadways
  • Maintain BMPs throughout your project.
Public Notice

Local ordinances regulating "storm water quality" and "grading and drainage." Ordinances have been in effect since January 3, 2008. Copies of the  ordinances are available at the Public Works office or online:

What effect do the rules have on your project? The policy and procedural changes resulting from the rules for grading, drainage and erosion control have been summarized and are available online. To assist property owners, contractors and engineers with the details and procedures for complying with the rules, a "Design Manual for Grading, Drainage and Erosion Control" has been developed and is available for download. Failure to abide by these rules can subject you to work delays, penalties, or imprisonment.

Storm Water Management Plan
Calaveras County General MS4 Permit
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