Road Conditions Information

Winter Season Reminder

Crowding and Berms

Once snow removal operations have begun, Calaveras County snow removal crews will continue to plow snow and push it back to the shoulders within the County right-of-way until removal is completed in preparation for additional storm events. In order to maintain snow-free roadways, it is imperative that there is adequate space on the road shoulder for new snow.

Unfortunately, it is a necessity for the success of every snow removal operation to repeatedly push the snow back (crowd) to the shoulders of the road. The process of plowing and crowding the snow will result in the formation of berms, the pile of snow left in front of all driveways. We will attempt to complete this crowding activity as soon as possible so the creation of additional berms is kept to a minimum. Clearing berms left in driveways is the resident’s responsibility. Please note if you clear the berm by depositing the snow back onto the County-maintained roadway, it will be plowed back into a berm when the snowplow makes its next pass down that road. There is no discernment between fresh snow and shoveled snow into the roadway. Also, be aware that snow may remain in parking areas for hours or days after the snow event has ended.

Parking with in Right of Way - See Calaveras County Code Section 10.28


All citizens and business owners will need to follow parking restrictions and commit in order to keep all county maintained rights of way clear during snow plowing operations. The parking or standing of vehicles on the County road, including shoulders, during snow removal operations is prohibited. A member of the California Highway Patrol or Sheriff’s office shall have any vehicles left on the road towed at owner’s expense.



Calaveras County has designated certain roads which will be sanded in order to maintain the main routes for traffic. These routes include school bus routes and major thoroughfares.


Parking Restrictions

County right-of-way during snow removal season are strictly enforced. Your car will be towed. The County will not be responsible for damage caused by snow removal operations of vehicles left in County right-of-way.

Ice Sanding

Only main roads and school bus routes are sanded when they are icy.

Public Works’ mission is to assure safe access through all weather conditions. We will do everything possible to keep the roads safe during and after snowstorms and in icy conditions. Still, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the proper use of traction control devices. Please drive safely.

To report a tree down across the road or any other road related emergency after 5 p.m., or weekends, please call the
Sheriff's Department at (209)754-6500 and they will contact the road crew to respond promptly.